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The WellMom bootcamp is an experience in itself. For more than two decades expecting couples have lived and enriched this experience of Positive Childbirth and Parenting. The bootcamp offers a large bouquet of sessions to prepare expecting parents to take steps towards healthy pregnancy and parenting.

Research conducted during the last 50 years provides evidence that most women who are prepared for childbirth tend to require less medical interventions, have shorter labor, report less pain during labor and have a more positive attitude towards childbirth. The virtual interactive sessions are a stress buster for everyone.


Minds Behind WellMom

Dr. Rashmi Bawa
Dr. Rashmi Bawa

Dr. Rashmi Bawa Internationally certified CAPPA trainer, Senior Consultant Therapist Antenatal care & Lactation. Founder Director WellMom Antenatal & Parenting sessions, Srijan Childbirth program at MKW Hospital. Holds an international certification in Lactation from the University of Stanford, Certification in Childbirth Preparation from Emory University, Atlanta. Know More

Dr. Ashish Bawa
Dr. Ashish Bawa

Dr. Ashish Bawa is heading the department of Physical Rehabilitation and stress management at MKW hospital for the last 24 years. He is also founder-director WellMom and co-Founder ArshiaCare. Dr Ashish Bawa holds a Postgraduate Degree in Stress Management and is a faculty to Pioneer University, UK, and has authored many courses in Geriatric and Neuropediatric medicine. Know More


We help you throughout your maternity and even after that.

Prenatal Exercise Session
Diet and Nutrition
Birth & Labor Guidance
Prenatal Parenting
Dadnatal Session
Lactation Counselors
Mind & Body
Stress Management

OnlineSessions & OfflineSessions

WellMom Virtual Sessions To Cover Your Worries

Take your parental journey to next level through Online Sessions & Offline Sessions

With our online prenatal and postnatal sessions, we offer you to share your worries with us from the comfort of your place especially during the difficult times keeping in mind your safety, we offer our online sessions worldwide to all our new moms. You can count on us throughout your journey and even after that.

  • Online Consultation

    Consult our experts online from your place. We got the best in town experts for you.

  • Offline Sessions

    Keep going on with our offline prenatal sessions and stay connected with us.
    Sessions are available at 3 centers:

    Srijan MKW    Arshiacare    Nanda Diagnostics


Trust, love and leave the rest to us

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  2. 2. Arshiacare
  3. 3. Nanda Diagonistics

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