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    Lets break through the fear of labor together. Learn the best ways to welcome your new born with WellMom

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For new parents to be, we understand it is tuff to decide the kind of birth they want for their first baby. But be assured that WellMom will guide you with the best solution. Labor is the most difficult and stressful part of the whole pregnancy, which might include some pain but don’t worry you know this pain is a happy pain. WellMom guides you through the whole process of labor. This guidance is important for both mom and dads to be. Deciding where you want to give birth is also an important decision you will need to make. We guide you on how and when to be prepared for labor. We help you get your essentials packed 2 weeks before your due date. We help you make a birth plan since it’s your first time as parents. We help you know what options are available to you to relieve pain during labor pain, and how your birth support partner can help you.

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Labor Guidance FAQs

WellMom is your guide throughout the labor

Some of the signs and symptoms of going into labor may include: period-like cramps, backache, diarrhoea, a small bloodstained discharge. As your cervix thins and the mucus plug drops out, a gush or trickle of water as the membranes break and Contractions start.

There are 3 stages of Labor:
First Stage – dilation of the cervix

Second Stage – fully dilated till expulsion of the foetus

Third stage – following expulsion of the foetus till the placenta and membranes are delivered.

It’s completely normal to have anxiety while delivering a baby many women fear the prospect of pain, while others worry about undignified behaviour. But Its always better to have a calm and planned approach as you are with the best delivery team WellMom.

Using breathing techniques can help calm your nerves (before and after labor) and control the pain. You can practise all the way through pregnancy to ensure you’re comfortable using them when labor starts.

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