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    Dad's immense role helps the child grow a stronger bond with parents.

Specially crafted sessions for expecting Dads

The sessions are very practical and research based to help expecting Dads be good labor partners. Guidance on how partners can offer support and encouragement before, during and after birth and also be an involved Hands on Dad. More importantly, it's about the emotional support that dads also need. For new moms the emotional and physical support is high, but the emotional needs of dads are often overlooked, hence this platform has been developed to have a positive impact on the long term mental health of dads.

  • Emotional Support
  • Bonding
  • Baby care
  • Training
  • Parenting
  • Labor Role

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We have got all your dadnatal worries covered!

To be an equal partner in the birth and parenting journey.

It not just will help you and your wife but also build stronger bonds with you the mom and the baby.

Research suggests active father participation in day to day pregnancy and birth process leads to easy labor and better birth outcome!

Yes, the WellMom responsible parenting program walks hand in hand with you throughout your parenting journey!

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Preparing Dads to be the best part for the journey

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