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Hopstart- a fun filled space for your little one

Hopstart is one of a kind specially designed program by WellMom which helps to make your little one be prepared for the outside world. From basic motor skills to hand-to-eye contact, we at Hopstart focus on the overall mental and physical development of your child. From drawing to cooking and from sharing to bonding with the peer group, we know every child is blessed with special skills and ability and this is our main focus at Hopstart. We also like mothers to get involved in the activities to make a mother-child bond.

  • Motor skills
  • Fun activities
  • Development
  • Cognitive skills
  • Mother-Baby Bond
  • Sharing activities

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Hopstart FAQs

We are happy to help you throughout your pregnancy and even after that

Hopstart is a fun-filled place for children from the age group 1-3. If your child is 1 year and above, then Hopstart is the best place for your child to be.

Yes, a mother involvement in early age activities of kids is a must. It helps to build a strong bond between the two of you.

WellMom started Hopstart program keeping in mind that every child is special and every child deserves a place filled with fun and love. Hopstart is not just another place. It is more like a home for our young ones.

Your child deserves the best. And that is why we have designed special activities for your loved ones. From basic locomotive skills to cognitive skills, your child is going to get ready to face the world out of four walls.

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We care for your loved ones and ensure safe environment

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A loving place for kids