We help you keep your mind and body relaxed during pregnancy

Preparing the mind and body for pregnancy as well as a natural child birth is very important. A stress buster sessions which include specific relaxation exercises, visualization exercises along with alarming you with specific building techniques help calm the body as well as the mind for pregnancy as well as child birth. We take care that you are ready physiologically and psychologically for this wonderful journey called parenting. Advice on good diet and the right kind of exercise, postures and bonding will help you sail through beautiful time period. At WellMom we make sure to answer all your worries and make your body and mind relaxed and be prepared for the new journey. Understanding the mind-body connection helps women gain the confidence needed to birth naturally. We know it is difficult at times to cope up with it. But at WellMom we prepare you well in advance.

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    At WellMom we make sure to answer all your worries and be prepared for the new journey

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Sessions to make your Body and Mind relax

The body and mind workshop is really helpful for couples who are preparing for IVF pregnancies. It is a documented fact that the success of IVF increases if the couple is relaxed and ready for the experience. The WellMom body and mind sessions help you for that.

At wellMom, we believe in making customized programmes for expectant couple of course, light relaxed exercises are good recommendation for everybody but customized programme is shared with you so that the mind and body can walk hand in hand to help you have a happy healthy pregnancy.

The sessions arm you with technique and ways to combat or and manage stress during pregnancy. Our emphasis on increasing the bonding between parents with positive visualizations and relaxation exercises.

The WellMom prenatal dance is really famous in the pregnant circles. We would love to dance with you throughout your pregnancy.

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