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The WellMom Antenatal session story started at the turn of the century way back in the year 2000. Our founders realized there was a huge void when it came to giving informal services to expectant parents. In the world of Gynecology even now when we talk about information during pregnancy, things are very difficult. Way back in 2000 it was much more so. So, we decided that we need to fill in this gap and try to guide expectant parents as to what are the kind of postures, diets or mental and physical preparation that is needed to have a healthy, happy pregnancy. So with a small group of around 4 people, the session took off in 2000 and then Very gradually with the support of our gynaecologist at MKW Hospital we started having regular sessions at the same centre. our experience was enriched when we were pregnant ourselves. The beautiful period of our own pregnancy gives us time and also give us an experience as to how we could nurture the WellMom experience more. we could empathize with the kind of mental state the physical problems that expectant couples have in a country like India. that actually helped us a lot and we develop the whole session bouquet around what we felt was really close to our heart at that point in time. God has been great, our patients, of course, people have come to us as patients and stay with us like family since then. we have tried to build relationships here at WellMom it is an effort that each and every couple who is joining well mom stays well informed with the right kind of knowledge and the right kind of techniques to go forward in pregnancy.... Labour of course is a very important milestone in the path of becoming a parent and we try our best to make you as comfortable during labour with the right kind of postures and techniques and breathing and of course the approach to natural childbirth as is possible and we have had wonderful results with that. lactation or breastfeeding is again a very very important topic which is close to our heart. breastfeed is the best we all know that and we try our best to make the mom ready for breastfeeding the child. the prenatal preparations and of course the postnatal preparation is done extensively so that when the beautiful time of breastfeeding arrives the mom is ready with the right kind of approach to that. One thing led to another .we were doing prenatal sessions we were doing the postnatal session so as to help you spend the back to normalcy post child but we were conducting lactation and breastfeeding so it seemed a bit natural that the experience is our own experiences with our child Arshia. And kind of interactions we had with all the parents that enriched us and that led to parenting. the medical knowledge we had clubbed with the experiences paved the way for the well baby sessions. Well-baby sessions are again specifically created sessions to help in the normal development of the child we do not try to push the milestones we just made the baby ready with the right kind of mental inputs and the physical inputs to go ahead and achieve the milestone himself or herself. play is an integral part of the well-baby sessions but yes specifically guided play sensory play which is again very very important when we talk about childbearing these are the very basis of the well-baby sessions mom and baby developing together to the father's joining in of course and taking steps towards happy healthy pregnancy parenting and life that is what we are doing, that is what wellMom is

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Dr. Rashmi Bawa

You can count on us for Prenatal and Postnatal Sessions

Dr. Rashmi Bawa, Internationally certified CAPPA trainer Senior Consultant Therapist Antenatal care and Lactation. She is founder Director WellMom Antenatal and Parenting sessions, Srijan Childbirth program at MKW Hospital.

She holds an international certification in Lactation from the University of Stanford along with Certification in Childbirth Preparation from Emory University, Atlanta. She has been working in the field of Pregnancy, Childbirth, breastfeeding and early baby care for more than two decades.

She is also a Parenting Coach with emphasis on age appropriate physical and psychological development in children.

She is also Coheading ARSHIACARE, a holistic centre for Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Special Education.

Dr. Ashish Bawa

Because we understand Dads are pregnant too

Dr. Ashish Bawa, is heading the department of Physical Rehabilitation and stress management at MKW hospital since the last 24 years. He is also founder-director WellMom and co-Founder ArshiaCare.

Dr Ashish Bawa holds a Postgraduate Degree in Stress Management and is a faculty to Pioneer University, UK and has authored many courses in Geriatric and Neuropediatric medicine. He has been in practice since 1998 and contributing write ups and columns to various magazines and newspapers. His fields of interest are rehabilitation of Neuro pediatric cases like Cerebral Palsy (Spastic), Autism, Spina Bifida.

Neurological cases like Stroke (Hemiplegia), Parkinson's Disease, etc. His role in their rehabilitation is towards the joint protection, attaining of voluntary control over their body, protecting them from complications like bed sores, contractures/deformities and targeting them towards self dependence...The other field of interest is ergonomic (workplace medicine) and stress management for, which he conducts workshops at corporate and institutional level.Dadnatal program is Dr Ashish Bawa's brain child. Personal experiences clubbed with medical knowledge imparted in the dad natal sessions has helped many dads-to-be embrace pregnancy and parenting in a must positive attitude which has led to the more positive experience of childbirth and parenting for many families.

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