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    Learn how to support your growing up child. Lets build a bond together!

WellMom Child and adolescent counselling sessions for bridging the gap

Child and Adolescent Counseling aims at providing your young ones with an environment where they can explore their difficulties through age-appropriate and holistic approaches. The objective here is to help children and adolescents fully express their needs, worries and anxieties. Puppets, games, colours, make-believe play and story-telling sessions help us build rapport and understand the inner world of children and teens. This helps us understand important aspects of children and teens such as self-esteem, how loved they feel and how they relate to people around them.

  • Emotional support
  • Mental support
  • constructive ways
  • Understanding
  • Self-expression
  • Communication

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Counselling Session FAQs

Let's Start Healthy Interaction With Kids

Counselling session designed by WellMom focuses on the bond between young adult children and their parents. There could be many differences between you and your child but we believe we can work out everything together.

Talking to your child is the first most thing you can do to develop an initial bond with your child. Always remember you are not just his/her parent but you have to be his/her friend too.

Keep a note of the behaviour of your child. Spend more time together, go out for a stroll. There is no one better than you to understand your child.

As children, many of us are taught to suppress our feelings “Be quiet and dry up your tears, it’s not a big deal”. It was preferred if kids were seen and not heard.
Denying a child the chance to express themselves sends them a very loud message that their feelings are not worthy. The child will translate this to mean that they are not worthy and this results in a whole new set of problems. There are a number of things we can do as parents to encourage the right amount of self-expression. Note that too much expression and your child will start to feel the whole world revolves around them and their problems. It’s important to strike a balance.

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