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Welcome to WellMom Bootcamp the WellMom specially designed program includes trimester wise exercises which are of course the mainstay of the session, advice on diet and nutrition, preparation for delivery by joint stretching, muscle strengthening exercises, building endurance, increasing posture, and body awareness, combating the various challenges faced during pregnancy, etc. Through these sessions, we try to arm you with proper knowledge and tools to prepare you physically and psychologically for the childbirth process. Relaxation and breathing exercises are an integral part of the session. These build endurance and help to manage stress and keep undue tensions at bay.

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We are happy to help you throughout your pregnancy and even after that

WellMom bootcamps have been specially designed for pregnant couples and precautions are definitely in place for both online and offline bootcamps. In the offline bootcamps, we maintain a great deal of sanitization along with a very less number of participants in each session. In the online bootcamps, we have limited the number of participants to a maximum of developing per session so that we can get to know you better and guide you in each and every exercise on a personal basis.

Getting knowledge on a particular subject is half the job done. We take care that you have the best kind of information regarding each and every stage of pregnancy and we prepare you for a natural child birth experience through a number of simulations and practice.

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