Correct breathing practice during pregnancy

Starting with pranayam, moving to other beautiful breathing exercises, learn the art to control and calm the mind as you go through your pregnancy. At WellMom we prepare you to breath and control your anxiety during pregnancy. We make sure that this phase becomes the most memorable and most enjoyable moment of your life. Enrol your self to the most relaxing pregnancy workshop with WellMom Today!

  • Breathing Methods
  • Calm your body
  • Harmonal balance
  • Labour breathing
  • Stress releving
  • Anxiety Management
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    The Subtel Art Of Correct Breathing During Pregnancy, Can Help Us Sail Through The Tedious Nine Months & Hours Of Back-Breaking Labor Easily!

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Breathing & Relaxation FAQs

Learn the art of breath and relax your body during pregnancy

WellMom breathing and relaxation session covers the understanding of how the breath changes throughout the pregnancy. You would learn how to calm yourself and manage both stress and anxiety Whenever required.

One of the most common problems women go through during pregnancy is stress. You can easily manage the stress by meditating, paying attention on your breath and control yourself too . WellMom sessions train you well of all breathing techniques that can help you to come up with stress during pregnancy.

Taking dance sessions during pregnancy completely depends on one’s choice. If you happened to Dance even before pregnancy doing light dance will go. But if you are taking it for the first time Then we suggest it’s not a very good idea instead you can try meditation and some light cardio exercise.

WellMom teaches you light and low impact exercises that make your lower abdominal muscles strong. Exercises during pendency have to be done with caution to learn more try or exercise session Understand how indoor exercises can help.

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Taking care of breath during pregnancy

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